About FRAIL study

Frailty is generally considered to be a consequence of ageing but not all elderly people are frail, and not all frail people are elderly. When used by health professionals, the term frailty actually describes a collection of physical conditions that indicate an individual is at greater risk of a minor health event having serious consequences.

There are a number of tests used by health professionals that assess for frailty. Because frailty increases the risk of major health events, including falls and hospitalization, having a simple test that can identify frailty could allow older people (and those that care about them) to take action before a catastrophic event occurs.

The PARC website is a component of a research project trying to find out how sensitive a simple 5-point frailty test is in assessing frailty.

If you choose to be part of this study, electronic data will be coded and then stored on a password protected secure server. There will not be a data bank. You have the right to request access to the information collected and stored by the research team about you. For more information on PARC privacy click here.