Benetas is a large not-for-profit aged care provider based in Victoria. Benetas’ vision is for a positive, fulfilling experience of ageing where everyone has the opportunity to age well in communities of choice and support.

Benetas aims to be a leading advocate in promoting the voice of older people and in transforming our society into one which respects, includes and values older people. Benetas is recognised as an organisation committed to research and to translating research findings into evidence-based practices which are innovative and improve service delivery.

Benetas is a 'for purpose' organisation dedicated to providing older people, their families and carers with a full range of quality community-based services and residential homes and apartments. Benetas does not generate a profit to distribute to shareholders. The profits that Benetas earn are reinvested into growing and expanding services and into other initiatives that provide broader benefits to people within our communities.

Benetas was established in 1948 and is part of Anglicare Australia.

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